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The intensity of competition in the semiconductor industry demands that companies maximise their opportunities. Any new advances are quickly copied by competitors and innovative features rapidly become standardised. So it is critical that you take full advantage of all opportunities. You can benefit from our extensive experience.


Do you need additional help to close more deals? We can work with you to focus your marketing on the needs of your target customers. We will help you to differentiate your product offering and stand out from the competition.

Boost sales by making sure that your messages carry the maximum impact. Focussing on the benefits that your products bring to your customers will help you to stay ahead.

Across a range of technical industries

As the name implies, we service the semiconductor, electronic and software industries. You get the blend of 'big company' practice at affordable prices.

Wide Experience

Our solutions to your problems will leverage many years marketing in high tech environments.

“...It is all too common that small high-tech start-ups lack marketing expertise or relegate the role to second class status (i.e. beneath the role of engineering/R&D) in the organisation ...”

Dr. Jakki Mohr
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