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Competitive Intelligence Essentials

Your competitors will position their products, services or software against you. What are their strengths? Your weaknesses? We can help you counter one while minimising the other.

What does the customer really care about?

We are all bombarded every day with advertising for things we don’t want or need. We can help you to hit the sweet spot in your customer base.

Are you selling yourself short?

Often customers see additional benefits in your product that you overlook. This could include: support, security, compatibility, supply channel to mention a few. We can survey your target customers to find this out.

Are you selling to all of your available market?

We can advise if there is a channel that is underperforming - should you invigorate, widen or cancel the channel? You might be able to retarget your existing product into new sectors to increase your available market. After all the drug Viagra was originally developed to treat angina!

When competition is fierce...

...competitive analysis becomes critical.

There is a growing awareness that improving the understanding of your competitors increases your performance. Often this knowledge resides within companies, but is “spread around” and locked inside people’s heads.

We can convert this knowledge into competitive strategies to help you win.

You need to equip your sales channels with compelling arguments why customers should choose your products. We specialise in strengthening your messages and defusing your competitors' claims.

Remember it costs you money to win each customer, you don't want to lose any to a competitor.

Competitive Intelligence "CI is often a relatively small function, conducted by people who work part-time on CI."
(From State of the Art: Competitive Intelligence)

Can you afford to treat your competition so lightly?

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